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What is a real estate personal shopper? How does he work? And what advantages does he offer?

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A real estate personal shopper is a property consultant that works, exclusively, for the buyer customer. He usually offers different services, such as counselling at the time of defining the needs of the transaction, finding financing solutions, doing a market research, organizing the visits, solving legal issues and negotiating the final purchase price.

A personal shopper (or personal advisor) has never a portfolio of properties. As we have mentioned, he just works for the buyer, unlike agencies or real estate agents that only defend sellers and just have their portfolio to provide several properties.


How does a real estate personal shopper work?

The first step is to know the needs of the buyer customer by an interview.  After that, the buyer customer and the personal shopper will sign a contract defining the characteristics of the search and the services contracted.

Once the authorization has been signed, the professional will search the suitable property by different methods. He will visit the properties more similar  to those that were described on the contract and will make a personalized selection for the client. Later, he will organized a visit to the properties chosen by the buyer.

Once a property has been choosen, the personal shopper will perform a detailed study, which includes both legal and technical reports for each of the dwellings. The study is supported by registry information and drafting of contracts, apart from other useful information.


Advantages on buying a property helped by a personal shopper

The fact of not being part of an agency allows personal shoppers to work with all the available properties within a specific area, which makes the process of finding the searched property faster, comfortable and effective. Why choosing among four properties suggested by the agency interested in the sell? Isn´t it better choosing the best four properties in all over Barcelona?

The best properties are extremely quick sold out. For this reason, it is highly recommended to be helped by a specialist with a broad knowledge of the market.

Another advantage of being advised by a local real estate personal shopper is that the communication with local agencies and property owners is much better. Proximity gives you the opportunity of negotiating with advantageous conditions. Moreover, it is possible to involve any kind of collaborator whenever you need him (for example, a builder or an architect).

The personal shopper´s work saves both money and time. With a real estate personal shopper is it possible to save over the purchase or rental price and the time that is needed for buying a property without this specialized help.

If you would like to have more information about it, call to the number +34 93 675 92 80 or leave a message on the following contact form:


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